FINALLY: A Direct Answer About Sh*tting In Space


It’s appalling how long we all had to wait for this. NASA knows we’ve always wanted to know, and for them to withhold this information until now is criminal. “You didn’t ask!” NASA will say. OF COURSE WE DIDN’T ASK!! We are living in a society! And, frankly, our fear of their response being “You mean you don’t know?” and our ensuing humiliation was just too great to overcome. We silently yearned to know, and NASA wallowed in that silence, smug with their privileged knowledge of how to hygienically sh*t in space. They are sick — all of those Astronauts, they are sick.

Now, let’s each go off to our own private place and sate all of our basest space-sh*t curiosities. From National Geographic’s Known Universe:

So, now we know. What a relief, what an enormous weight lifted. This unbelievable lightness… It feels almost as if… this must be what it’s like after you sh*t in space.

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