New Green Lantern Trailer Delivers What We Want: Hideous Supervillains


If The Dark Knight taught us anything, it’s to never underestimate the acting ability of a ’90s teen heartthrob. If The Dark Knight taught us two things, though, it’s that’s no superhero movie is complete without a compelling supervillain. And seeing as how there are so many action movies coming out this year, including Thor, X-Men: First Class, and Transformers 3, it was kind of hard to get excited about the Green Lantern trailer‘s CGI-splattered fight scenes…until we saw Peter Sarsgaard as corrupt scientist Hector Hammond. Someone get us a fainting couch, because he is the archnemesis of our dreams. You’re saying he has a gigantic gruesome head, a thirst for limitless power and a terrible haircut? It’s what evil geniuses are made of. Sure, Ryan Reynold‘s Green Lantern will undoubtedly save the day before the credits role, but until then let’s enjoy Sarsgaard in all his snarling, preening, demented glory.

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