No Love For Jennifer Love Hewitt


We don’t want to be mean or anything, but every time we seem to write about Jennifer Love Hewitt, it’s either about her breaking up with someone, or doing something ridiculous. Like when she broke up with Jamie Kennedy, or when she bedazzled her vajayjay or, erm, “vajazzling”!

Having said that, we found out that Jennifer’s split up with Alex Beh, her actor-director boyfriend. And this may be remiss of us, but we weren’t even aware that Jen was dating Alex in the first place! Still, break-up’s are hard and those two were seeing each other for a little under a year. In case you’re wondering how she’s taking it, her rep has said, “She’s doing fine”. ┬áThat middle name of hers doesn’t seem to be doing much good, eh? Hey, Jen! Cheer up! Get a haircut! Get some ice-cream! Or shoes! We have faith that you’ll jump right back into a relationship in a couple of months!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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