Re: Your Transforming Zombie-Proof House Inquiries


Thank you for contacting us in regards to your interest in purchasing a transforming zombie-proof house. We are happy to tell you that we were able to locate a home that very specifically fits your requirements. Please review the photos below while we get some preliminary paper work drawn up for you.

Regular Mode:

Zombie Mode:

While we were at first skeptical that it would be possible to fulfill your specification that the house have “only one entrance located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge,” it turns out, as you can see here, that this home will in fact fit those parameters when in Zombie Mode.

We strongly recommend you click here to read more information. You will be quite happy with the details.

BWE Real Estate looks forward to finalizing this deal with you.

-BWE Real Estate

(Thanks to All That Is Interesting for the story and to @Ashfrieds for the tip.)

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