Will Ferrell Shaves Off Conan’s Beard


A Brief History Of Conan O’Brien‘s Beard:

Conan, since he started out on Late Night on NBC, had never had a beard. He grew out his sideburns at one point, but that didn’t count. Then, after just seven months as host of the Tonight Show, there was this whole debacle with NBC and Jay Leno, and Conan left TV. Everyone was very sad about it. But then Conan returned to TV on TBS. Everyone was so excited. But, also, Conan had this new beard. He was like, “I grew this beard, aren’t you super pumped?!?!” And everyone was like, “…Wellllll….” Eventually Will Ferrell starting making threats about coming on the show and making Conan shave. Then, last night, Will Ferrell actually came on the show and actually shaved Conan’s beard.

Here is that:

Then during the commercial, they got the rest of the beard off. And now Conan looks like a normal human being again.


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