American Beauty Star Wes Bentley Cast As Hunger Games‘ Seneca Crane


No, children, Katy Perry was not the first pop culture icon to make art about a plastic bag blowing in the wind. That honor goes to teen weirdo Ricky Fitts in the classic ’90s tale of suburban despair American Beauty. Now Beauty star Wes Bentley is cast in Hunger Games as gamemaker Seneca Crane. If Bentley can make us care about a piece of garbage caught in a breeze, he can certainly make us care about the fate of human tributes. Crane helps flesh out the adult segment of the HG cast, taking his place alongside Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket and John C. Reilly’s Haymitch Abernathy. Of course, anyone who’s read the books knows the tragic turn Crane’s story takes. Let’s just say it makes American Beauty look like The Muppets Take Manhattan. Wait, you haven’t seen that movie either? What are they teaching you kids?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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