You All Know Bristol Palin Didn’t Have Plastic Surgery, Right?


Sometimes a friend of yours will put a picture of you on Facebook, and when you see it you’ll think, “Whelp, I sure look like a different person who is a big weirdo in that picture.” You know why that happens? BECAUSE YOU LOOK WEIRD A LOT! Sometimes it’ll look like you’ve lost weight when, in fact, you’ve just gained a jacket. Sometimes you’ll look like an 8 year old when, in real life, you just went to Super Cuts. Then there are angles and lighting and shadows. You probably look weird most of the time. Have you ever tried searching for a usable picture of a celebrity on the internet? It’s terrible. You can’t find a picture of Bruce Springsteen that actually looks like Bruce Springsteen because Bruce Springsteen, like you and everyone else, looks weird a lot.

Yesterday, a picture of Bristol Palin started going around the internet in which she looks, you know…weird.

So, inevitably people have started wondering if she got some plastic surgery done on her face. The same thing happened with Bristol’s mother, Sarah Palin, back in June when people thought she got breast implants. At the time, I made the same argument:

I’m no breast expert, but one of the few things I know about them is that sometimes they look bigger than they do at other times.  That’s how you end up sleeping with your friends.  There was no brand new chemistry the two of you felt that night at the bar; the female one of you just wore a halter top.  That’s how that works.

So, please. Let’s stop this whole genre of thing where, when somebody applies different makeup or puts on a new dress, we ask if they had surgery. It’s much more likely they just look weird.

And, frankly, it is immensely unfair to keep putting people in a position where they have to defend the Palins. No one wants to have to do that.

Palin image from Buzzfeed.

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