Goodbye BWE, It’s Been Fun!


This is my last post on I have always said that I would stop blogging about pop culture either when we caught Bin Laden or when my H.R. mandated time limit for freelancing was up — whichever came first. It turns out they both happened on the same week.

Anyway, you can still read things I write on my own blog: or follow me on Twitter: @noahgarfinkel. I use both of those platforms to mainly write about commercials or how I accidentally brushed my teeth with cortisone cream.

I have greatly enjoyed my time here at with Michelle, Dan, and Sarah. They are — all three of them — very funny people who are excellent at g-chatting; I will miss working with them. I have also very much enjoyed the wonder that is blogging from home. It’s so great! In case you were wondering what it’s like to have this job, I have made this following reenactment of every post that has been published by any blogger from their home. It is my goodbye present to you.

(Reenactment after the jump.)

So, imagine that every time you read a blog post. Goodbye, everyone! I like you!

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