Kirstie Alley Demands Daily Two Hour Sex Sessions


We’ve already heard about Brad and Angie’s BDSM Grotto, and now the celebrity sexcapade parade is about to roll onward. Kirstie Alley has never been one to shirk from discussing her bedroom exploits in very public forums. Remember when she scarred our collective consciousness by thanking then-husband Parker Stevenson for giving her “The Big One” in her Emmy acceptance speech? Yeah, we repressed it too.

Well, now she’s at it again. The (former?) actress went on Ellen yesterday to talk about her time on DWTS, but felt compelled to share far more than we needed to know about her personal needs.  “I decided that in the best of times you have two hours of sex a day, so you have 22 hours left,” she said to a surprised Ellen Degeneres. “There’s the prelude, the sex and there’s the winding down.” The audience reacted with shrieks of delight. Or was it terror?

The twice divorced Kirstie admits to having been celibate for four and a half years due to feeling insecure about her appearance. “I really hadn’t had a boyfriend for the last ten years – a serious boyfriend. It was the best ten years of my life. I had a lot of freedom.” But after her much documented struggles with her weight and romance, friends say that she is ready to pick up her crazy heart and re-enter the dating world once more. “She’s ready to find a boyfriend again,” a source told the Daily Mail. Let’s hope he’s ready for a workout.

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