Who Will Be The Next Big Action Movie Hunk?


It’s our favorite time of year again – summer movie season, when when bask in movie theater air conditioning and make M&M and popcorn sandwiches and support the inflated salaries of our favorite movie stars. Summer action movies are as American as apple pie, and 2011 has it’s share of hunky heroes on their way to a big screen near you. We’ve got five guys vying to be the Next Big Action Hunk — who’s got what it takes to win the blockbuster crown? Let’s take a look.

Action Hunk: Chris Hemsworth
Movie: Thor
Opening: May 6th
Hemsworth hails from that hunk factory otherwise known as Australia and is half of the most powerful Hollywood brotherhood since the Sheen-Estevez days. He beat out younger brother Liam (soon to star as Gale in The Hunger Games) for the role of Thor and will reprise the role in 2012’s The Avengers. Also, he’s absurdly good looking, which never hurt anybody.

Action Hunk: Michael Fassbender
Movie: X-Men: First Class
Opening: June 3
Fassbender has been cruising under the radar for sometime, with impressive stinks in Fish Tank, Inglorious Basterds and Jane Eyre. But it’s X-Men: First Class that’s set to put him on the radar of every housewife in the mid-west. Do with this what you will: He’s currently dating his much younger X-Men co-star Zoe Kravitz.


Action Hunk: Ryan Reynolds
Movie: The Green Lantern
Opening: June 17
Ryan Reynolds has been perched on the verge of stardom for years. People named him the Sexiest Man Alive, and his divorce from Scarlett Johansson has somehow made him even more desirable. (Er, cuz he’s single now, ya know?) He’s best known for him rom-com work, but Green Lantern could position him as one of the biggest action stars around.


Action Hunk: Shia LaBeouf
Movie: Transformers 3
Opening: July 1
In many ways Shia LaBeouf is the perfect movie star: he’s unconventional looking, volatile and loves to get into bar fights. He’s not new to the action hunk game—this is the third Transformers movie under his belt—but he’s only recently matured from baby-faced boy wonder to leading man. Wall Street 2 was a total bomb—can he reestablish himself this summer as the go-to guy for A-List action?


Action Hunk: Chris Evans
Movie: Captain America
Opening: July 22
Confession time: We’ve seen Chris Evans in a ton of movies (Fantastic Four, anyone?) and yet we still couldn’t pick him out of a movie dude line up. Then again, perhaps that’s the greatest compliment one can give an actor. But Captain America could finally be Chris’ BIG big break, as it’s a beloved, iconic character that will also be apart of The Avengers in 2012. Is this the year we finally recognize Chris Evans?

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