Bea Arthur Hated Betty White, And I Cry A Little


As someone who knows every line of dialogue from The Golden Girls (particularly Bea Arthur’s, whose visage is permanently inked on my left arm because I’m — full-knowingly — out of my mind), it breaks my heart to see Betty White sh*t-talk Bea on The Joy Behar Show.

Look, I love Betty. As an American, that is simply the law. And as Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls, she was phenomenal. That’s why she won an Emmy, and that’s why, at 89 years old, her career was deservedly rejuvenated when she began stealing scenes in movies and killed it as host of Saturday Night Live. But while she’s always remained rather mum on the rumors that she and Bea Arthur didn’t get along, apparently now that Bea is six feet under, it’s okay to rehash the details of an one-sided feud, in which Bea apparently begrudged Betty for no good reason.

I’m not saying Betty White is a bad person, I’m just saying she’s got the advantage here because Bea Arthur isn’t alive to defend herself.

Not cool, Betty. Not cool.


— Eliot Glazer

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