Kids Hate The Deadest Osama Bin Ladens


Not to be a CREEP OR WHATEVER (I just got here!), but how awesome are kids, right? Although I’m barren 4 lyfe (JK JK JK), I have to hand it to kids: they are often very, very cool. Like the way they sometimes say things that human adult grown-ups cannot, you know? And they manage to simplify big ideas by just kind of laying sh*t out on the line with more courage than someone twice their age because they haven’t yet been tainted by the perils of self-consciousness (although that inevitably comes with the weird smells and upper lip hair of junior high).

Internet funny people The Fine Brothers took a somewhat serious turn (albeit still funny and engaging) by asking kids to react to the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Don’t get me wrong: it is awesome that the guy is dead, but the question of whether the celebration of death — even when the victim is literally The Worst — is always warranted is an interesting issue, and one that these kids tackle with a surprising amount of poise.*

*When I was thirteen, I would wipe boogers on the other people, so hats off to these kids for having it together more than I ever did.

– Eliot Glazer

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