Stanley Tucci Joins Hunger Games Cast


The many roles of Stanley Tucci have been getting steadily more and more fabulous since his turn in 2005’s The Devil Wears Prada: fabulous gay sidekick Sean in Burlesque, an over-the-top mad scientist in Captain America, the senator in Space Chimps. Now there’s news that Stanley Tucci joins Hunger Games as Caesar Flickerman, a tubby Kathie Lee Gifford-esque media personality with powder-blue hair that interviews Katniss and her fellow warriors before the games begin. It’s the role Stanley was born to play! Academy Award-nominee Tucci will go wig-to-wig with Elizabeth Banks, Wes Bentley and the rest of the Hunger Games cast as the journalist who interviews Katniss and the other warriors prior to their death-defying matches. The only way his character could possibly get any more amazing would be if Flickerman, oh we don’t know, wore an insane light bulb suit and a full face of monochromatic make-up. Oh, he does do that? You’re going to have a tough time topping this one, Stanley.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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