Anderson Cooper Wore The Jamiroquai Hat Before Jamiroquai


As if the “feud” between 17-year-old Justin Bieber and 53-year-old Marg Helgenberger wasn’t amusing just enough for how f*cking weird it is (someone needs to make “Team Marg” tee shirts because I will wear one), it’s nice to see dreamy Anderson Cooper poke his nose into that bizniss.

An expert on the situation (LOL) was on his show, 360, talking about how Marg called Justin a “brat,” and he retaliated by taking to his Twitter account to bash the CSI star, who probably thinks Twitter has something to do with “whatever the Angry Birds is” (I know 53 is far from ancient, but I’m just pretending she knows about Twitter as much as my mom, who is roughly the same age as Marg, so just play along).

Anyway, some brilliant producer at 360 thought that, during this very important segment, it was a perfect to air a video of young Anderson — wearing a Jamiroquai hat before Jamiroquai wore those hats — on a game show called To Tell The Truth. Anderson is the son of famous rich socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, so it totally makes sense that, as a child, he was involved in some weirdass nonsense like this. But all these years later, Anderson, who recoils in embarrassment at the site of something so damn…well, embarrassing, is still equally adorable.

Now if only he would take off his shirt more often!


— Eliot Glazer

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