Bieber Loses His Lunch During Concert In The Philippines


After hearing about Justin Bieber’s beef with CSI‘s Marg Helgenberger, people were lining up to buy Justin a ticket on the Diva Town Express. To counter the assumption that the singer is just a snot-nosed punk, however, we’d like to present the fact that Justin Bieber vomited in concert last night in the Philippines…and he just kept performing. Apparently the “Somebody To Love” singer felt dizzy, then had to excuse himself to throw up in between numbers. “sick as a dog…but the show must go on. got called a trooper. lol. LEGGO,” Bieber tweeted before the show, later adding “that show was great but tough. real sick. time to rest.” Meanwhile, we would have just gone home if we’d gotten sick at work, and at most only one or two people would ever find out it had happened.

Justin’s night of 1,000 barfs comes only a week after Bieber got egged during his Sydney concert. The fact that he didn’t immediately command his Bieber army to rip that egger to shreds, plus his victory over vomiting, is all the confirmation we need that Justin is anything but a brat.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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