Little Girl Playing With Dead Squirrel Reminds Me Of Nothing, Because I Don’t Do That


Ah, childhood. That magical time when a young girl starts exploring the world around her, securing her bond with nature, patting butterflies who’ve landed on clovers and whispering secrets into the wind…

Or, if you’re this girl, picking up dead animals and waving them happily around like you just caught the roadkill bouquet at a shotgun wedding.

Seriously. What. The. Eff. What kind of father lets his daughter play with a dead squirrel? And then runs and gets his camera to tape it? Pahhrobably the same father who (at 0:44) zooms in on his other daughter’s chest. Though, with a rack like that, can you blame him? My gigantic heaving naturally heavy woman’s breasts can’t.

Someone should probably call Child Protective Services and report this. And then call Animal Control to take the father away! Still got it Collins!

(via Reddit)

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