Chelsea Handler Owns Up To Dating 50 Cent


We know you were waking up every night in a cold sweat wondering if these two love birds ever actually got together, so let’s just confirm it now: Chelsea Handler dated 50 Cent. “We dated, very casually,” Handler told Piers Morgan during her interview last night. “He’s a very sweet, nice guy…I was sampling, kind of, the atmosphere, seeing what was out there, and I was satiated.” If a picture of 50 Center and Chelsea Handler in bed wasn’t enough confirmation for you…actually, yeah, that was enough confirmation. There is literally no greater confirmation than that. The cat’s pretty much out of the bag when we have photographic evidence of you two snuggling, Chelsea.

Unlike every other celebrity relationship, however, both parties seem to have ended things on good terms. 50 Cent praised the late night host as “cool” in March, and Chelsea sang the rapper’s praises last night. “He’s a great guy… he’s the complete antithesis of what you’d imagine. He’s a sweetheart, he’s great, he’s funny, he has a great sense of humor,” Handler, who is currently dating hotelier Andre Balazs, said. We’ll believe it when you tweet a photo of your cordially shaking each other’s hands over brunch. We know better than to just trust your word, Chelsea.

See video of Chelsea’s interview after the jump.

[Photo: Chelsea Handler’s Twitter]

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