Lindsay Avoids Jail, Gets Sentenced To House Arrest


Well it looks like Lindsay Lohan’s not going to jail after all. Sorry all you felons out there who were hoping for your big chance to reenact scenes from Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. Although she’s still serving 120 days for (allegedly) attempting to steal a necklace, TMZ is reporting that the time will be spent in the comforts of her own home. You know, that place with her own bed, fridge and all of her stuff. Oh, and also Lindsay’s house arrest will be more like 14 days as opposed to 120. So really, it’s less like a jail sentence and more like a court appointed “time out.” That’s cool, whatever it takes to bring her terrifying reign of pointless light theft to an end.

In addition to that, Lindsay is also required to complete 480 hours of community service during her probation period. She must attend a court date on June 17th to begin serving her time, but it’s expected that the actress will appeal the decision and delay serving her sentence. To which we say…why the hell would you do that!? We’d LOVE to have a court mandated excuse to stay at home for two weeks and play xBox!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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