Gabe & Max Like The Internet – Episode 3





No, your calendar isn’t wrong, it’s not Friday yet. “But,” as you’re surely asking yourself, “then how come I’m seeing this week’s episode of Gabe & Max Like The Internet today? Is it Opposite Day or something?” Well, dear readers, the answers are simple: No, it’s not Opposite Day, and the simple fact of the matter is that we just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to show you Gabe Delahaye and Max Silvestri’s latest hilarious take on the magical world of internet videos. In this week’s show, the duo discuss their thoughts on flash mobs (specifically, flash mobs at amusement parks involving pregnant ladies), shady record executives with wall safes, why it’s important to employ proper breathing techniques while performing, and much, much more.. Enjoy!

Instrument Show Off [YouTube]
Flute Man [YouTube]
Pregnant Flash Mob [YouTube]
Death Metal Vocal Performance [YouTube]
Dinosaur Hunts Tricky People [LiveLeak]

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