Mystery Woman Gives Blind Man Enema, Leaves


Ahh, another case of the ol’ go to a blind man’s home and give him an enema and then leave trick — CLASSIC enema-ing:

The 53-year-old Californian man answered the door to a woman who claimed she was there to give him an enema.

As the man had recently undergone intestinal surgery, he assumed the visit was part of his rehabilitation and allowed the woman into his home to perform the procedure.

The woman took him into the bedroom, had him drop his trousers and lie face down on his bed, before performing the enema in less than two minutes…

The investigating officer contacted the man’s doctor and was told that an enema had not been prescribed, ordered or approved.

OHHHHHH, SNAP! You just got ENEMA’D!!!! And that word just got a 12-episode order from Fuel TV.

Actually, someone talking their way into my house and giving me an enema is my absolute #1 fear. Well, “fear” might be too strong a word — more like, “Thing I hope happens.” Fantasy? Yeahhh, that’s the one.

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