Glee Creeps Us Out With Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination”


There’s not earthly way of knowing why Glee‘s “Pure Imagine” cover seemed like a good song to pair with Glee’s upcoming “Funeral” episode. We can’t be the only ones that associate Willy Wonka less with giddy childhood fun, and more with that nightmare boat trip through the terror tunnel. Remember that horrifying turtle thing?  No, this is the soundtrack for being screamed at by a grown man in a velvet top hat. It is not for teenage singing good-times.

EW premiered “Pure Imagination” today, and reports that the Glee’s New York season finale features an untimely passing, though of who or what, no Glee extra has leaked yet. Based on our encyclopedic knowledge of the show, however, we’re guessing Kurt’s dad Burt, or possibly Sue Sylvester’s older sister. Next thing we know, Lauren Zizes is going to get sucked into a giant tube of molten chocolate or dropped into an incinerator. We’d much prefer to kill this song with fire, thank you very much.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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