Miranda Kerr Forced Orlando Bloom To Pee In A Bottle


New mom/God’s masterpiece Miranda Kerr has been looking so seriously svelt lately that we’d started thinking that the whole pregnancy thing was a hoax. But the latest member of the Platinum Super-MILF Club appeared on Conan last night and offered up some intimate details that made us change our tune.

“I had made my mind up that I was going to have a natural birth…then the doctors said ‘Ok, you’re going to have to be induced because there’s not enough fluid for the baby,’ so I was induced,” she told Conan. “And then, it was 27 hours later with not one drop [of pain medication] because I’d been determined I’d do it.” 27 HOURS YOU GUYS! Think about the worst day you’ve ever had, and then add 3 hours to that!

And it was no walk in the park for husband Orlando Bloom, either. “He was there every moment by my side, I mean I never even let him go to the bathroom. I made him pee in a bottle.” Damn, that’s pretty intense. But after seeing pics of her at yesterday’s Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer Edition launch, we realized that we’d happily shun plumbing for the rest of our lives if it meant we could be married to her. Check out the gallery below and see what we mean!

[Photo: /Getty Images]

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