Rumor We Love: Lindsay Lohan’s “Bra-Free Lifestyle” Could Wreck Her Career


Lots of people are concerned about Lindsay Lohan’s  alcohol problem and lack of emotional support, but Fox News is voicing concern about LiLo’s lack of chest support. Apparently Lindsay’s “bra-free lifestyle” could “impact her career” in negative ways, leaving her a lady with saggy boobies no one will want to pay to see nude pictures of. “I don’t care how perky they are, they won’t be for long,” a bra-fitting expert tells the site. “They all get saggy when the tissues under the breasts break and Lindsay is going to end up looking like a WaTuTu warrior.” Good lord, will someone stop Lindsay’s breast-destructive behavior before this wild child goes too far?

“Most of the projects Lindsay is going to get going forward will probably involve some nudity, that’s just where she is at right now in her career,” says. “If she keeps doing damage to her body even those roles are going to dry up.” Yup, even if Lindsay manages to clean up and set her life right, no one in Hollywood is going to want to get near those flabby things, which would be just tragic for the screen-cappers of the world (unless she gets another boob job, of course). Thank goodness Fox News is looking out for the poor girl…or at least her poor breasts.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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