The Five Funniest Females Of The Summer


With summer just around the corner, so many articles are trying to convince us to get in shape and show off our beach bodies. Why go through all that torture? Treat yourself right and go to a movie instead! You can’t get sunburned in a theater and Milk Duds are an excellent source of Vitamin…something. Not enough proof for ya? Fine. You know how they say that laughter is the best medicine? Well these five ladies are gonna give you a double dose of  pure hilarity on the big screen this summer. So really you owe it to yourself to check ‘em out. Which one is going to give you the biggest chuckle for your movie dollar? Well let’s take a look and see!

Funny Femme: Mila Kunis
Movie: Friends With Benefits
Opening: July 22nd
Mila Kunis needs no introduction to comedy connoisseurs. She probably has the most impressive resume of anyone on this list; staring not only as Jackie in That 70s Show, but also as the voice of Meg Griffin in the legendary Family Guy. She brought her comedy chops to the big screen in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and just recently blew all of our minds with her stint in Black Swan. The performance may not have earned her an Oscar, but maybe we can make up for it by giving her the coveted “Funniest Female Of The Summer 2011″ award for Friends With Benefits!

Funny Femme: Ellie Kemper
Movie: Bridesmaids
Opening: May 13th
Ellie Kemper’s is about to explode onto the big screen scene in a huge way. The Upright Citizen’s Brigade alum first gained fame in viral videos like Checkmates, but more recently Miss Kemper has been making millions laugh as the chipper Erin Hannon on The Office. Plus we happen to have a massive crush on her. So all in all, we see many more summer comedies in the cards for this funny lady, and we’ll be in the front row for all of  ‘em. Bridesmaids will just be the first of many. (Related: Check out our own Kate Spencer’s interview with Ellie Kemper and her Bridesmaids co-star, Wendi McClendon-Covey!)

Funny Femme: Kristin Wiig
Movie: Bridesmaids
Opening: May 13th
As the reigning Queen of Saturday Night Live, it would be fair to argue that Kristin Wiig is the funniest woman on television at the moment. She changes characters like the rest of us change socks (every few weeks), and now she’s set to conquer the silver screen. She’s no stranger to the summer comedy game, having been seen in last summer’s Date Night and MacGruber, as well as 2007’s Knocked Up. But with Bridesmaids in the pipeline, she’s finally made the jump from supporting player to leading funny lady.

Funny Femme: Cameron Diaz
Movie: Bad Teacher
Opening: June 24th
If all of these other comediennes are the challengers, Cameron Diaz is the returning champion. She has been in more summer blockbusters than we can count, doing her funny funny thang for well over a decade.  My Best Friend’s Wedding, There’s Something About Mary, The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, Shrek…the list goes on and on. Can she keep the streak alive this summer in Bad Teacher? Only time can tell, folks. She’s got some fierce competition.

Funny Femme: Kat Dennings
Movie: Thor
Opening: May 6th
Alright you got us, Thor isn’t really a comedy. But have you seen it!? Action movie or not, Kat Dennings is absolutely hilarious as Darcy Lewis. Her skills should have been obvious when we saw her in The House Bunny and Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist. We’ve got her down as the summer funny lady underdog, stealing the humor thunder from the more brazen contenders.

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