IT JUST POPPED IN THERE: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man S’more


It’s borderline criminal that the internet has been around this long without someone coming up with the following product (you’re all under IDEA ARREST), but someone has finally the turned lovable, destructive Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghosbusters into a s’more:

It’s made out of clay, so it’s not actually edible, but now that the Marshmallow-Man-S’more barrier has been broken, the mass-produced edible ones can’t be far behind. Either that, or other equally random bits of Ghostbusters nostalgia will just keep appearing on the internet every couple days and we’ll be amused by them and it’ll repeat until the end of our lives or the internet, whichever comes first. I for one plan to take the internet down with me when I go out, but I only speak for myself.

Winston Zeddemore…BURGERS. Make it happen! NEXT!

(Reddit, via The Daily What)

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