Michael Bay Bets You Can’t Find Racist Robots In Transfomers 3


364 days of the year, any bet involving racial-offensive robotic cars would have us throwing down money immediately. Unfortunately, the money in this case would be the $12.50 we’d need to take Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 bet that the characters Skids and Mudflap do not appear in the film. After the release of Transformers 2, many fans took Bay to task for including the two bumbling Transformers characters, who were basically just off-putting African-American stereotypes made of alien metal. “I am offering a $25,000 REWARD to anyone who can find them performing in Transformers 3, on July 1, when the movie opens,” said Bay. “The Twins are not in the movie. You will not find them anywhere. Trailer houses sometimes use shots that are not in the movie! End [of] story I’m done wasting my time [on] this!”

The reason some might want to take Bay up on the bet is that, in addition to appearing the Transfomers 3: Dark Of The Moon trailer as well as in on-set videos, one journalist who reviewed an advanced screening copy claims the dim-witted duo are still very much in the movie. However, Bay says the critic must have been confused by the multitude of anthropomorphic vehicles, taking to the official Michael Bay forum site Shoot For The Edit to clarify “After the internet posting of a nice review by someone who saw Transformers Dark of the Moon, the writer had not been clear on one thing. He misstated that the Twins are in the film. They are not.” Sounds like Bay did include the Twins in his new film, only to edit them out when he remembered how they made 95% of his viewing audience want their money back. So now no one has to see it to make sure! Glad we all dodged that bullet.

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