Rihanna Angers Fans By Following Chris Brown On Twitter


The blogosphere blew up over the weekend when it was discovered that Chris Brown was following Rihanna on Twitter and *gasp* she was following him right back! Oh my god! Mutual social networking between two consensual adults?! It doesn’t take a relationship expert to read between the lines and tell what this means: Chris and Rihanna are getting married immediately and are rushing right into making babies.

But for real, this connection didn’t sit well with many of Rihanna’s fans, who viewed any contact with her abusive ex as a sign of romantic  reconciliation. We’re not so convinced of that, but we are fairly certain that some of Rihanna’s twitter followers are a little high strung and need to chill-the-f out. And RiRi pretty much said as much. “It’s f–kin twitter, not the altar! Calm down,” she responded to one angry tweeter.

Rihanna has gone to great lengths to move on from her 2009 assault at the hands of Brown, but her fans clearly still harbor some resentment. Do you think following each other on Twitter is a bad move, or NBD? Will a Facebook friendship be in their future? We don’t know, but we fear the firestorm that a social networking union would provoke.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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