Drew Carey Shirtless: What Else Is There To Say?


Oh wow! Unless it’s fake (which it may very well be because the internet is a liar), Drew Carey signed an autograph in 2003 that pictured him bathing in a tub filled with beer or something? This is from when Drew Carey was larger, and also Whose Line Is It Anyway? was in its 17th season. Now he’s both thin and the host of The Price Is Right, so: OLD NEWS!

…Unless, of course, you’ve been waiting patiently for a picture of Drew Carey shirtless, in which case: CONGRATULATIONS! There isn’t really much to say about Drew Carey (raise your hand if you’re a fan of “Drew Carey’s comedy”), so, y’know, TAKE IT IN!

[via CTRL + W33D]

— Eliot Glazer

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