Mortal Instruments: Jamie Campbell Bower, Ed Speelers, Leebo Freeman Up For Role Of Jace


We talked to The Mortal InstrumentsLily Collins last week and she told us she had been doing some readings with actors up for the role of Jace. Sure enough, The Wrap reports that three men have emerged as the front-runners for the part, and they apparently all screen-tested with Lily in Los Angeles a few days ago. We had a hunch something was up when Jamie Campbell Bower tweeted, “Screen test done for….. Nah I’ll keep you guessing. Its in fate, producers, actors and directors hands now,” and sure enough, he’s on the short list. Joining him are British actor Ed Speleers and model/newcomer Leebo Freeman. Let’s take a look at the potential Shadowhunters, shall we?

Jamie Campbell Bower
Age: 22
Hails from: London
Twitter: @JamieBower
Resume: Bower is a seasoned actor, having appeared in Sweeney Todd alongside Johnny Depp, the Twilight franchise as the vampire Caius and in the series Camelot as King Arthur.
We like him because: He’s quirky, he doesn’t shower (but it works) and he’s engaged to the equally adorable actress Bonnie Wright.
Jace-iness (on a scale from 1-10 runes): 6 runes. He’s handsome and intense, but is he beefy enough?

Ed Speleers
Age: 23
Hails from: The United Kingdom
Twitter: @EdSpeleers
Resume: Ed is best known for playing the title role in Eragon, but has acted steadily since 2008 and is also a producer.
We like him because: He’s boyishly cute and he does charity work. Mom approved!
Jace-iness: 8 runes. Check out the photo of him glaring at the camera with bleach blond hair. Now close your eyes and imagine him kissing Clary in the library of the Institute. You feelin’ us? We thought so. But can he act? We’ll have to rent Eragon and find out.

Leebo Freeman
Age: 22
Hails from: Florida
Twitter: @leebofreeman
Resume: According to the site for Adam, a boutique modeling agency in NYC, Leebo started modeling in September 2010 but hit the ground running, booking a spread in W magazine right out of the gate. He has zero acting experience that we know of, but look – here’s a pic of Leebo practically naked! On his twitter he describes himself as: “Drummer, MMA, BMX, Smiler! =) have fun,LIVE life,stay true to YOU! !XStraightXEdgeX! PRIDE!”
We like him because: Um, because of everything? For starters, his name is f–king Leebo. He’s ripped and pierced and severely handsome. Did we mention the photos of him naked? How about these cool Leebo modeling pics? Leebo!
Jace-iness: Looks-wise the guy has IT. 10 runes. 10,000 runes! Experience-wise: 1 rune. We’re stumped.

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