The Situation Sues His Own Dad Over Humiliating Website


We’re assuming Michael Lohan is in a basement somewhere, scheming at how to prove himself against this new challenger for Worst Celebrity Dad Alive. Lohan’s resources are few, but his will is mighty. After weathering some of his father’s bizarre public rants, The Situation sued his dad Frank Sorrentino over his pop’s insulting website, according to a law suit filed in Miami yesterday. That’s right; the Situation’s father, calling himself The Confrontation, set up a website solely to humiliate his son. You know, like a normal dad would do. Man, remember when being generally awful was enough to let people know you were a terrible parent? Now the horrible parents of the world have to have a web presence, a nick name, the whole nine yards. It’s becoming a full-time job just trying to stay relevant in the obnoxious celebrity father game.

Luckily, it seems that the Situation’s dad has wisely pulled his wackadoo The Confrontation Site, so the reality star can get back to his Jersey Shore Italy trip, where he is free to embarrass himself of his own volition. Meanwhile, Joe Jackson shines his #1 Worst Dad trophies and lies in wait for a worthy competitor.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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