We Expected More From Caroline Manzo


The Real Housewives are terrible people. They just are. It’s a law of nature. But if any of them are to be commended for being something less than reprehensible (because they’re basically mean, trite, and obsessed with platitudes, helping suffocate feminism in exchange for perpetuating the myth of ladies as hyperemotional, bitchy harpies), it’s Caroline Manzo. The voice of reason and mother hen on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Caroline has come across as a well-rounded, well-spoken, tough Mama who works a real job and raises kids with level-headed sensitivity.

Oh sh*t. Ugh, no no no. Why oh why has Caroline gone and designed a line of handbags? Nobody wants that! Oh man, and she even “showed” them at a so-called boutique that looks more like the dressing room at Marshalls? This is no good, guys. And then she splays herself out on a weirdly-placed leather coach, where she’s literally covered in a pile of her handbags? UGGGGGGGGH.

It’s a sad day in Franklin Lakes, you guys.

[via Stoopid Housewives]

– Eliot Glazer

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