Locomotive Curt: Your 2011 Summer Jam


Early apologies to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Kanye West. These major players may have thought they would have the summer jams of 2011 down on lock with their respective albums, but it’s high time they make way for a newbie. Locomotive Curt is a mix of Rebecca Black, Afroman, and Weird Al (not bad!).

He is, indeed, a child, and he and his friends do a lot of walking on railroad tracks and cul de sacs in (“railroad tracks and cul culs de sacs”: SWEET RHYME! YOU CAN USE THAT, LOCOMOTIVE CURT!). But you probably did the same thing, and your time would likely have been spent a lot more wisely if you, too, had YouTube when you were young and confused about stuff, but had a remarkably savvy take on musical parody.

[via Holy Loly]

— Eliot Glazer

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