Sean Penn’s This Must Be The Place Teaser Trailer Is Pure Oscar Bait


WOW, someone must want an Oscar real bad. Sean Penn’s This Must Be The Place teaser trailer has everything guaranteed to get the Academy out of their chairs and squealing. In case you haven’t heard of it before, it features Sean Penn as a faded rocker traveling to the U.S. to hunt down a Nazi..that tortured his father. So, as you can see, we’ve got your awkward art-house dialogue, a healthy dash of Nazi hunting a la Inglourious Basterds, and, if the trailer is any indication, more than a hint of Rain Main. More like a giant tub filled to the brim with Rain Man. The fact Frances McDormand is in it is merely icing on Penn’s “Congratulations On Your New Best Actor Award” cake. We mean really, did you see the dog at the bottom of the swimming pool at the very end of the clip? What is that dog even doing there? Add cutting-edge CGI and a hooker with a heart of gold and every other movie coming out in 2011 can go ahead and shut it down.

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