Sesame Street‘s Bert Makes A Play For Oprah’s Timeslot


Oprah has only one week left to rule to talk show roost. So who is left? While you might be thinking Ellen or Maury or, my pick, Judge Judy, a new contender is throwing his velcroed felt hat into the ring. That man (?) is Bert, from Sesame Street‘s Bert and Ernie fame. And we’re not even kidding. Bert makes a pretty kick a– talk show host. He’s like a little jaundiced felt version of Charlie Rose.


As his first guest, Bert gets into it with Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg, asking those questions that other talk show hosts would never dare ask. Part 1 of this engaging 2 parter covers topics such as turtles… and socks. No sarcasm here, it is truly the most entertaining 5 minutes of video you will view today. Well… after the “beef whistle” incident. (Video to follow.)

I guess the only question one might think to raise after watching this… Where’s Ernie? Probably dancing himself to sleep as yoozh.

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