This 90s NBC Promo Is The 90s-est Object Ever Discovered


As a connoisseur of all things 90s, I’ve greatly enjoyed watching 90s things age over the past decade and earn their own distinct decadinal identity (it’s a word now), just as 10 years ago we all could’ve watched The Lost Boys and agreed “Wow, this is so 80s.”

So what makes something “So 90s”? I was in the middle of writing a lengthy list of quintessential 90s characteristics, but as we all know, a video with Michael Richards flying around in animated starland is worth a trillion 90s-words, so instead I’ll just post this video — unearthed by an eagle-eyed Videogum commenter, this may in fact be the 90s-est thing I have ever seen:

This may in fact surpass the current co-champions of 90s-ness, the Airborne poster and the opening credits for the movie Delirious:

Sorry, dudes. Opposite of tubular.

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