A Few Questions We Had While Watching The Trailer For NBCs New Series Smash


This is the trailer for new television show called Smash, which will be airing on NBC this coming fall and executived produced by Steven Spielberg of Animaniacs fame. It stars Katherine McPhee as a down and out actress looking for her big break.

Right off the bat, I love it. Then again, I am a sucker for anything that remotely resembles the Oscar-winning film Dreamgirls, even though basically every person in this trailer is white, making it more of a Super White Dreamgirls or Creamgirls. Judging by the trailer, it is mmmmmmmmexaaaactly my kind of programming. But then again, I have the same tastes as a 98-year-old sassy gay black ghost.

And yet even with my penchant for over-the-top musical spectacles, I still had so many questions during and after this “extended preview.” Questions such as:

  • What is going on?
  • Why are there so many New Yorker-reading types nodding their heads while wearing wide-rim glasses and scarves?
  • Why are these same people sitting behind tables as Katharine McPhee sings Christina Aguilera?
  • Wait a second, is this secretly a trailer for The Voice?
  • Why did the credits say “Introducing” Katharine McPhee?
  • Didn’t we already get introduced to her when she, you know, was on American Idol? And really, don’t you think having her sing in front of judges in an audition would specifically bring this memory back to our reality-TV-ridden minds?
  • How stupid does NBC-teven Spielberg think we are?
  • Moving along, who is this other, curvy lady singing in drag? Other than the person who is going to lose the audition to Katherine McPhee?
  • Is that the hot guy from Coupling/The Talented Mr. Ripley? And why did she cease straddling him?
  • Why are these two gals fighting?
  • Why do I look so much like Anjelica Huston?
  • What is their target demographic? Is it 98-year-old sassy gay black ghosts?
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