Alex Pettyfer Is “The Most Misunderstood Boy In America”


Poor Alex Pettyfer. Everyone’s got the Brit boy wrong! He doesn’t have a tattoo which says  “Thank You” above his crotch. He doesn’t think that L.A is a “s—t hole.” He doesn’t want to “run all the c—ts out.” The article which got all these alleged quotes — VMan — got it all wrong, guys! The actor was at the Hugo on Greene Street party at the Hugo Boss store in New York on Tuesday night and had a little chat with E! about how he didn’t really run his mouth off (*snort*). Of his damaged reputation. Pettyfer said, “You know everyone thinks it says ‘Thank you.’ It says my name, ‘Alex.’ It’s boring. He [the writer of the story] said that, not me.”

We’re a little confused! Did the writer say “It’s boring” or did he just go ahead and make up “Thank You?” We’ve heard of taking liberties, but if such a big misquote was given, Alex’s people should have swarmed in the second the interview was in print. Or perhaps this is all one big backpedaling exercise considering Alex’s movies haven’t exactly been box office gold, and he can’t afford to be the biggest diva this side of Mariah Carey! He continued his reformative act by saying, “I love New York. I love L.A., too. I love both places. I don’t think I was so much misquoted but misunderstood.” That’s when his publicist chimed in with, “The most misunderstood boy in America,” helpfully providing us with our headline! Alex, you’re hot and we’ll totally go to see you play a stripper a la Channing Tatum in a movie, but we aren’t buying the whole “you guys just don’t get me” act.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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