Gabe & Max Like The Internet – Episode 4




For the longest time, The Cure instructed us that Fridays were for being in love. Then, Rebecca Black came along and explained that Fridays were actually for “getting down.” Well, since no one wants to have Rebecca Black’s take be the definitive statement for what we, as a society, should do on Fridays, we here at Best Week Ever would like to instead propose that Fridays should be for laffs! Why? Well, mainly because we are excited to present to you the latest episode of the viral video skewering Gabe & Max Like The Internet.

In this week’s episode, Videogum‘s Gabe Delahaye and comedy’s Max Silvestri take on a variety of hot-button topics: Baseball jousting, Beetlejuice impersonators and Italian bus drivers who use two cellphones at once. Take it away, gents!

Baseball Jousting [YouTube]
Beetlejuice [YouTube]
Man Licking Shoes [YouTube]
Bus Driver Using Two Cellphones [YouTube]
Turtle Dive [YouTube]

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