Vegas Odds: Which Idol Ain’t Gonna Be Smilin’ Come Wednesday?


Question: Which Idol Ain’t Gonna Be Smilin’ Come Wednesday?

Body Text: My odds have been way off on every single American Idol bet. How was I to know that season 10 would be watched by only country-loving folk wearing cowboy boots and daisy dukes or Wrangler jeans and bull horn belt buckles? This is the only possible explanation for why the contestants have been whittled down to two twang-y teens. This week’s question: Which contestant will NOT be crowned Idol? I think bass-voiced Scotty McCreery, whose golly gee wilikers image has Heartland grandmas on lockdown, is going to edge out Lauren Alaina for the grand prize before his fame fades into the sunset. So, odds are 20/1 that Alaina’s the loser even though she may have more staying power in the long run.

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