Estella Warren Involved In A Crazy D.U.I, Tries To Escape Jail


Super sexy sometimes actress and model, Estella Warren, is behind bars for a DUI right now in L.A. She went down swinging too! According to TMZ, Warren rammed into three cars with her Toyota Prius late last night, allegedly drunk off her skull. She then supposedly kicked a policeman before getting booked. Bad move, Warren. Really bad move!

It doesn’t end there, either. While Estella was at the station, she pulled a Houdini-like maneuver and got out of her handcuffs! She then proceeded to make a break for the back door but was busted again. So now she’s been booked for DUI, hit and run, assault and felony escape (there has been no report of what her bail will be set at).  To make so fine a point, a law enforcement source revealed, “She was really hammered.” You don’t say, officer.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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