Justin Bieber’s A Sexy Superboy In His Someday Perfume Ad


Since Justin Bieber isn’t 18 yet, women of age might want to think hard before wearing his new perfume, Someday. According to his ad, wearing Someday will make the Biebs magically appear in your room and smell your neck. Soon the two of you will be flying through the evening sky, nuzzling and embracing amongst the clouds. So, if you’re not comfortable with experiencing such sexually suggestive imagery with a teenager, maybe you’re better off getting this for your niece. Unless you think she’s a little young for his Superboy-in-purple-sneakers mojo. Between this clip and his shirtless pics with Selena Gomez in Hawaii, it’s a good day to be a Belieber.

Check after the jump to see a brief behind-the-scenes clip that reveals how they got such amazing special effects.

See, Bieber really can fly…they just did it with a green screen to get a better background. We always knew he was magic.

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