Report: Maria Shriver Wanted To Reveal Arnold’s Baby At A Press Conference


Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child scandal could have been even more dramatic than it has been. TMZ claims that Maria Shriver almost called a press conference to spill the beans when she learned her husband’s huge secret. The telejournalist was allegedly “hysterical” after discovering her movie-star/governor husband had a 14-year-old son he’d known about for a decade (who wouldn’t be?) and friends had to keep her from alerting the media herself. Instead, the gradual leaking of information began, which led to LA Times story…which lead to Schwarzenegger’s confession.

Hilariously (in a sad way), the site says Arnold was upset to learn Maria was even talking about his indiscretions, as if he has any right to complain about a violation of trust after having regular unprotected sex with a housekeeper in their bed and then providing for a love child behind her back. Despite Arnold’s professed desire to rekindle his marriage, it looks like he’s better off giving half his gazillions to Maria and moving on. If she was thinking about dropping this kind of bomb on the guy, we’re guessing Hollywood has a better chance of forgiving him than she does.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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