Ageless Wonder Mike Myers Turns 48: A Year-By-Year Look Back


With Mike Myers rarely performing without an elaborate costume, it may not have occurred to you how little the man’s look has changed in the more than twenty years since Wayne’s World first hit SNL. Sure, he’s a little paunchier, but, looking at the year-by-year retrospective in the gallery below, you’ll notice that the decades have been kind to ol’ Mike, with his hair still floppy and his eyebrows still lively. Good thing, considering the high profile work he’s got lined up. Mike will provide voices for three movies this year—Marvin The Martian, The Zookeeper and Bunnicula—and, assuming the notorious perfectionist ever approves the scripts, 2012 and 2013 will respectively bring us a Keith Moon biopic (despite Keith having died at age 32!) and an Austin Powers sequel. Throw in that new wife Kelly Tisdale is pregnant with his first child, and it looks like this ageless wonder has plenty moreĀ  photo ops ahead.

Follow Mike year-by-year, from 1992 to today, in the gallery below.

[Photos: Getty Images/NBC]

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