Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Over Pain Of Divorce, Doesn’t Plan To Marry Again


Ugh, there’s nothing sadder than when an attractive famous person is experiencing romantic anguish. Come sit down on this bear skin rug next to this bucket of Cristal and tell TheFABlife all about it. According to the Green Lantern star’s interview with Details, Ryan Reynold’s divorce from Scarlett Johansson in December 2010 still weighs heavy on his mind. “Anyone who gets divorced goes through a lot of pain. But you come out of it. I’m not out of it yet. At all,” he says, his World’s Most Handsome Face no doubt grimacing, saying about their split, “I wasn’t angry. I absolutely predicted every beat of it … There was a time, though, when looking at the Internet was a miracle cure for feeling good about myself.” We’re glad we could help! Now let’s give each other back rubs and talk about how underrated Van Wilder is.

Despite ex Scarlett Johansson dating Sean Penn, Reynolds has not interest in rushing into his next engagement (until he meets the right blog, we imagine) “I have not interest in dating right now. It just seems so kind of alien to me at this point,” Ryan admits. “I don’t think I want to get married again,” Ryan explained. Well, don’t worry. We don’t need a commitment right away. A promise ring, maybe, but that’s it.

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