The X-Factor Shake-Up: Cheryl Cole Out, Nicole Scherzinger In!


Things work quickly (read: ruthlessly) in showbiz. Just two weeks ago Cheryl Cole was at The X-Factor‘s first auditions along with fellow judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and L.A Reid. Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger were roped in as the hosts of the American adaptation of the hit show. Everything was in place and it looked like the formula for a hit series.

All of a sudden, Nicole’s replaced Cheryl as a judge! Just like that. Cheryl’s back on a plane to England! TMZ reports that it’s because Cheryl’s English accent is too indecipherable for American audiences and also because—and this is the damning one—of her “lack of chemistry” with Paula. It pays to go kissy-kissy with Simon in moments like these because there was no way anyone was getting rid of her. Apparently, Cheryl has been asked to go back to the original U.K show, but sources are saying that the singer’s so cheesed off with the whole mess that she wants out of the whole thing! No one’s heard from Simon about all of this yet and we’re waiting to hear what he has to say. All we know is that Nicole should steer clear from Cheryl for a while. Scratch that, the whole lot of them should watch out!

[Photos: Getty Images]

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