Courtney Love Sued (Again!) Over Her Defamatory Tweets


Remember when Courtney Love had to pay almost half a million for calling designer Dawn Simorangkir an “a–wipe nasty lying nosebag thief” (among other things) on Twitter? It looks like someone else is giving this “Twitter defamation” thing a shot. The law firm Gordon & Holmes is suing the Hole singer over her tweet that partner “Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off” and interview comments around that time where Courtney claimed a female lawyer abandoned her because they “got to her.” The firm claims that these blatant suggestions of bribery have damaged Holmes’ career and reputation, and they’re seeking unspecified punitive damages.

Seems like we’ve got a dangerous precedent here. No, we don’t think people should be allowed to hint to the media that lawyers have been bribed without proof, but as part of the gossip-entertainment complex, we’re a little worried that these legal maneuvers might keep Courtney quiet. Sure, most celebs she slams can’t say she’s hurt their career, but they could argue their reputation has been sullied—like when she recalls Kelly Osbourne’s drug problems, or her long-ago tryst with Gavin Rossdale or suggests ex Edward Norton lost her $300,000. She’s already given up Twitter…do we really want to see her give-up the tell-all interview too? Thankfully (for us), Love would probably rather be broke than not be able to talk s—.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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