Mariah Carey Drank Beer In Hospital After Giving Birth, Child Services Called


Mariah Carey was investigated by social workers from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) yesterday. Apparently, the formal inquest stemmed from an anonymous tip that Mariah drank a beer in hospital right after giving birth to her twins, Moroccan Scott “Roc” Cannon and Monroe Cannon, which is not considered the best move while breastfeeding.

The story that’s emerged from sources is that Mariah was told by someone from the hospital that a dark ale, like Guinness (which is what she supposedly drank), would be be beneficial to her lactating, and that Mariah was just responding to the advice given. This wasn’t done under wraps or considered shady as the tip was considered a valid one given by a professional. That’s why DCFS have closed the case against Mariah after ascertaining the kids are safe and healthy. Which seems like the sane thing to do! Firstly, they were responding to a whole network of Chinese whispers, and secondly, the case doesn’t hold any weight if Mariah was just simply following what she was told. If anything, it’s the staffer doling out the advice who should be spoken to.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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