‘South Park’ Targets…Sarah McLachlan For Saving Animals?


The South Park writers have targeted a lot of famous people in their 70 years on air: Tom Cruise, Barbra Streisand, Rosie O’Donnell… And now they’re going after …Sarah McLachlan? Huh??? What they’re parodying are those commercials she appears in for pet adoption, the ones that make you suddenly think you can and should build a farm in your apartment because dog eyes are SO BIG AND SAD.

But, still, they claim Sarah McLachlan was famous for “two months,” which is, like, what? Sure, Lilith Fair isn’t necessarily “a thing” anymore, but there are plenty of bicurious men and women getting the lyrics to “Sweet Surrender” tattooed around their ankles in Mandarin. Of all people, is it really necessary to parody someone who aligns themselves with an animal charity? Go after BAD PEOPLE, South Park!


— Eliot Glazer

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