What’s The Mystery Inscription On Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring?


By now we’re ¬†guessing the news that Kim Kardashian is engaged has spread to all corners of the globe. Seraphim have sung songs about it from the heavens, Cupid’s gone on an official holiday ’cause his job’s done and Armenia declared the day of the popped knee a national holiday. We’re also also aware of the blinding awesomeness of carattitude that is her ring. Which isn’t so much as a rock as it is an island.

Apparently all is not as it seems with the Kim’s ring, people. Her fiance Kris Humphries just went all Da Vinci Code on us and has hidden messages etched on Kim’s ring. Sources say that he got two bible passages that are important to the couple inscribed. Which is just adorable, sure, but we’re dying to know which ones! Who do you think will spill the beans first — Kris or Kim? Our money is on Ms. Kimberly. Another cover story, perhaps?

[Photos: Getty Images/People Magazine]


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