Donald Sutherland Joins The Hunger Games As President Snow


Let’s see, snow-white hair? Check. Creepy reptile eyes (at least on-screen)? Yup. Mouth constantly filled with weeping sores? We sincerely hope not, because he seems like a nice guy in real life. Either way, Donald Sutherland’s President Snow in The Hunger Games finally puts a (terrifying) face to the series’ main villain, orchestrator of the Hunger Games themselves and nemesis to Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss. “President Snow has been the autocratic ruler of Panem and its contained districts for some 25 years at the outset of the story.  With a snake-like appearance, he is cruel and ruthless in his intimidation and control tactics,” says the Lionsgate press release about the Hunger Games casting pick. As anyone scared by his bad guys in Outbreak or Disclosure can attest, Sutherland can go full evil with the best of them.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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